Today - 7:00pm

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with Eric Darius, Shawn Brown, and BK Jackson Eric Darius is a contemporary jazz saxophonist and composer. A long-time Tampa resident, Darius attended Howard W. Blake High School and the University of South Florida, where he ...


Sun, Aug 24 - 6:00pm



2h 43m / Rated R / Drama

Marital squabbles, a divorced dad trying to connect with the kids he sporadically sees, teenagers acting out, parents learning to let go… Though Richard Linklater’s BOYHOOD may not tell the story of a spectacular life, ...

Sun, Aug 24 - 3:00pm

Summer Classics Movie Series


The Black Pirate

1hr 28min / Not Rated / Silent Drama

When a pirate ship is looted by a rival crew, a survivor known as The Black Pirate (Douglas Fairbanks) washes ashore and takes over the crew that ultimately kills his father. Trouble stirs when a ...

Thu, Aug 28 - 7:30pm


“Flashback”: The 2014 Vintage Fashion Collection

Sponsored by Bartow Ford Sandra Gray Originals presents “Flashback”: The 2014 Vintage Fashion Collection, showcasing styles reminiscent of the 1940s and 1950s. The silhouettes in the SGO line of daywear, cocktail and evening attire make ...

Fri, Aug 29 - 7:30pm


The One I Love

1hr 31min / Rated R / Comedy-Drama-Romance

Called a “modestly sized puzzler and a cunning, twisty tale” by the New York Times, THE ONE I LOVE depicts a couple in a struggling marriage as they escape for the weekend in pursuit of their ...

Fri, Sep 5 - 7:30pm


The Last of Robin Hood

1hr 34min / Rated R / Biography-Drama

Based on real-life events, THE LAST OF ROBIN HOOD tells the story of Errol Flynn (Kevin Kline), the swashbuckling Hollywood star and notorious ladies’ man. Flynn flouted convention all his life, but never more brazenly ...