Kings Coast Roast of King Gothalion

Dates and Times

King Gothalion, commonly referred to as “Goth,” is an online entertainment personality on the popular streaming website

Goth’s boisterous demeanor, jovial attitude, and sharp wit have, over the years, given him a unique power to tease and otherwise antagonize friends, coworkers, and audience members alike.

For years he has been allowed to get away with his shenanigans.

However it all comes back around on July 12th, LIVE on Tampa Theatre’s historic stage.

We invite you to join us for a night of revenge on the internet’s favorite a**hole.

Tickets are $50, plus applicable fees ($53.50 total at the Box Office & $57.75 total online). A limited number of VIP mezzanine seats will also be available for $75 plus fees ($78.50 total at the Box Office & $83.75 total online).

Doors & bar open at 6:00pm  

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