Everybody has at least one REWIND movie in them. The movie you always watch when it’s on TV. The movie you finish, rewind, and start right over. It isn’t a movie you know you “should” like. It isn’t a movie that is “important.” You know your REWIND movie is good, even if nobody else does.

Intended as an “occasional series,” REWIND will announce a few films at a time as the Theatre’s calendar permits.

Fri, Aug 25 - 10:30pm




2h 17min / R / Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Twenty-plus years down the road, the first two Alien movies get grouped together (often under the category header “The Good Alien Movies” – Alien 3 heads, get at me). But it’s hard to overstate how ...

Wed, Sep 6 - 7:30pm



Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

1h 48m / R / Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi

A rare PRIME-TIME REWIND! A movie written by Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich; Adaptation), directed by Michel Gondry (Be Kind, Rewind; The Science of Sleep), and starring Jim Carrey (you need credits for Jim Carrey?) ...