Wed, Jun 28 - 11:30am


Balcony-To-Backstage Tour

Where does the organ go when the movie starts? Why is there a stuffed peacock perched near the proscenium? (And, for that matter, what is a “proscenium” anyway?) Learn the Theatre’s secrets, stories, art and architecture ...

Sun, Jun 25 - 6:45pm



1h 46m / R / Drama

One day, Howard Wakefield (Bryan Cranston) disappears. On the whole it’s a simpler operation than you might think; the train he takes home from work is late, his cellphone battery is dead, and so rather ...

Sun, Jun 25 - 3:00pm

Summer Classics Movie Series

The Graduate

The Graduate

1h 46m / Not Rated / Drama

Not many movies manage to be timeless while remaining grounded in the time of their creation. The Graduate just feels like 1967: a transitional moment in American culture between the end of the post-WW2 boom ...