Border (2018)

1h 50m / R / Fantasy, Romance, Thriller

What is there to say about a movie like Border except: you have never seen a movie like Border. From director Ali Abbasi (Shelley) and writer John Ajvide Lindqvist (Let the Right One In), Border is the story of Tina, a Swedish border guard with a mysterious past, a lonely present and the recently discovered ability to smell guilt and criminal behavior. The survivor of what she believes is a chromosome abnormality, Tina lives an introverted and unhappy life until she meets Vore, a man with a similar condition who seems to hold the secret to her true origin. But Border is more than a normal ugly-ducking tale – as Vore and Tina learn about each other it oscillates from one instant to the next from dark fairy tale, to crime thriller, to shocking romance, to transgressive and disturbing body horror. It’s the kind of ferocious and purely original film that’s best experienced knowing as little as possible about the story before the curtain rises, but it’s not for sensitive viewers. Tense, unfiltered and at times disgusting, Border takes its place among the gut-punch penitential, cathartic cinema of Lars von Trier and Guillermo del Toro. Be sure this is the movie for you before you buy a ticket. But if it is, you’re guaranteed to never forget it.


Swedish, with English subtitles