Jurassic Park (1993)

2h 7m / PG-13 / Adventure

The interesting thing about seeing Jaws (Steven Spielberg’s other best film about big-toothed animals devouring people in an ostensible vacation-land) so many years after its first release, is realizing how subversive it was in its own time — an evolution of the ‘50s creature-features combined with uniquely ‘70s auteur-era snappy dialogue and the sincere intention to surprise its audience. And yet 26 years after its release, what resonates about Jurassic Park is how purely itself it is. Jurassic Park couldn’t exist without Jaws, but where Jaws was a surprise, Jurassic is merely a success. Michael Crichton made a fantastic career out of imminently readable novels that were tailor-made for film adaptation, but even in that context it is the quintessential movie lover’s movie: a technological marvel, full of action, tightly plotted, with memorable dialogue and an incredible John Williams score and those perfectly Spielberg-ian precocious kids. There is almost nothing not to like about Jurassic Park, which is probably why they keep making them. But confidentially, this is the only JP you need to see — and it gets better every time you see it.

This special CinemaSTEM / Summer Classics crossover will feature a post-show Film Talk and audience Q&A with Anthony Pelaez, Senior Director of Exhibits and Innovation at Tampa’s Museum of Science & Industry. He will discuss where the movie got the science right, and where  the filmmakers may have taken a few liberties with how DNA works. (He’s also promised to perform some “dinosaur calls.” We’re just as curious as you are.)

Before the show, there will be a photo op with a “real” T-Rex and a Jurassic Park Jeep starting at 2:00pm, and MOSI will provide a hands-on dino dig experience, courtesy of their new Dinovations Lab exhibit across Franklin Street in TECO Plaza.

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