Safety Last! (1923)

1h 13m / Not Rated / Comedy

The image of silent-film comedy genius Harold Lloyd hanging from a skyscraper by the hands of a giant clock remains one of the most iconic single images of American cinema. The story of a small-town boy picking up odd jobs in the big city to scrape together enough money to marry his girlfriend, Safety Last! is a series of hilarious and escalating set pieces. He gets in trouble with the law, gets humiliated by his roommate, embarrasses his manager at the store, and does it all with the élan of one of the era’s greatest physical performers.

Tampa Theatre remains one of the only movie palaces in the world that can return to its original programming and present a silent film with live musical accompaniment on the theatre’s original 1926 Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ. Nationally renowned theatre organist Dr. Steven Ball, who scored and played last summer’s sold-out screening of Metropolis, will join us once again for this very special LIVE presentation.

Steven Ball silent film

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