The Brides Wore Blood (1972)

1h 24m / R / Horror

Come close, audience member, and heed ye well, because if a title like The Brides Wore Blood sounds appealing to you, you are in for a treat. The Brides Wore Blood makes use of a time-tested technique of drive-in and home-video marketing — coming up with an exciting title that’s only barely related to the film itself. (Drive-in staple I Eat Your Skin, to choose just one example, features no skin eating; famed schlock producer Roger Corman used to come up with titles and then make the movie around it. That’s show business.) So while this movie features no bloody brides as such, it’s still … something. Though not necessarily a good something. Made in Jacksonville and St. Augustine on a budget of what appears to be negative $100, it seems to have been made from two movies edited together? There’s an unnecessary frame story, a family curse, a vampire trying to impregnate someone, psychic flashbacks — truly an embarrassment of riches for z-movie splatter-garbage fans. Come see the movie whose own distribution company said “I can’t imagine why you would want to screen this” when we booked it. True story!

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