The Two Faces of January

While sightseeing at the Parthenon, wealthy American tourists Chester MacFarland (Viggo Mortensen) and his young wife, Collete (Kirsten Dunst), meet Rydal (Oscar Isaac), a young, Greek-speaking American expat who is working as a tour guide and scamming vacationers on the side.

Drawn to Colette’s beauty and impressed by Chester’s wealth and sophistication, Rydal gladly accepts their invitation to dinner. Instead of becoming his latest marks, the MacFarlands befriend the young man, but Chester’s affable exterior hides dark secrets. And when a mysterious murder at the couple’s hotel sends all three on the run, the precarious bond between them is tested by Rydal’s growing infatuation with Collete giving rise to Chester’s jealousy and paranoia.

From the producers of TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY, this sleek thriller is the directing debut of screenwriter Hossein Amini (DRIVE). Set in 1962 Greece and Istanbul and adapted from the novel by Patricia Highsmith (THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN), THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY has been called “Elegantly pleasurable” and “A treat to look at and listen to, evoking a lot of old-fashioned movie virtues and showing us a lush but suspenseful good time.”


Welcome to Soldier Ride

The Soldier Ride Project began in 2004 when Chris Carney from Long Island, NY, completed a coast-to-coast bicycle ride in support of The Wounded Warrior Project. Chris rode more than 4,000 miles and raised in excess of $1,000,000. In 2005, Chris again completed a coast-to-coast ride, this time with Staff Sergeant Heath Calhoun, a double-leg amputee, and Staff Sergeant Ryan Kelly, a single-leg amputee, both of whom were injured serving in Iraq.

The film documents the evolution of Soldier Ride from its unlikely beginnings at a bar in Long Island, Carney’s first bicycle ride across America and the trio’s 2005 trip, as well as Calhoun and Kelly’s struggles and accomplishments dealing with their injuries. On this unforgettable journey, they meet wounded warriors from all across America whose lives have been positively affected by Soldier Ride and The Wounded Warrior Project and witness its effect on how America treats its injured service people as a result of community awareness. Over the years, Soldier Ride has grown to include regional rides in a different city every month and annual international trips to England and Germany.

SOLDIER RIDE producer and director Nick Kraus will introduce this special Veteran’s Day screening at Tampa Theatre and conduct a Q&A with the audience after the film.

Tickets are $11 for general admission and $9 for military members, children ages 2-12, Tampa Theatre Members and seniors. The filmmakers will be donating their proceeds from the screening back to The Wounded Warrior Project.


A Legacy of Smoke

El Centro Español de Tampa – Tampa’s oldest ethnic social club, having been incorporated by the State of Florida in 1891 – presents the premiere of the short, non-fiction film, A LEGACY OF SMOKE.

The film depicts the story of immigrants from Spain in “Cigar City” through the eyes of some well-known (and not so well-known) residents who grew up in Ybor City and West Tampa. Through a series of brief vignettes, A LEGACY OF SMOKE tells the fascinating story of Tampa’s Spanish colony in the first half of the 20th century by following a charismatic cast of characters as they go about their daily lives. By weaving together interviews, dramatized scenes, and historic footage and photographs of Spanish Tampa, the film explores the “Legacy of Smoke” left by thousands of intrepid Spanish immigrants.

The film was produced and directed by James Fernandez, a Professor of Spanish Literature and Culture at New York University, and Luis Argeo, a Spanish author and filmmaker who lives in Gijon, Spain. Following the premiere screening, Fernandez and Argeo will answer questions from the audience.

Tickets are $12 at the Tampa Theatre Box Office or online (services fees apply.)


The Evil Dead

Five friends staying at a cabin in the woods discover the Necronomicon – or “Book of the Dead” – an ancient tome bound in human flesh and inked in blood. After accidentally awakening the demons contained in its pages with a taped translation of the text, each of the friends is possessed, one by one, except for Ash (Bruce Campbell). Now, Ash must battle the evil dead and dismember his friends if he’s going to survive the night.


Evil Dead

In the remake of the 1981 horror classic, Mia (Jane Levy) is a drug addict whose recent overdose was nearly her last. Mia’s longtime friends Olivia (Jessica Lucas) and Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci), along with her brother David (Shiloh Fernandez) and his girlfriend, Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore), take her to the family’s cabin in the woods to get clean. While investigating an awful stench in the cellar, David and Eric discover the same Book of the Dead from 30 years before, wrapped in wires and plastic, and scribbled with cautions not to open it. But Eric doesn’t heed the warning, and unwittingly unleashes an evil called The Abomination that attaches itself to Mia’s soul.


Satan’s Children

In the spring of 1974, Joe Wiezycki assembled a determined group of Tampa TV crew people and an ensemble cast, chiefly from the University of South Florida. Together, they filmed SATAN’S CHILDREN, a shocking and exploitive tale of brutal revenge, bizarre unholy rituals, hedonistic hippie culture, weird sex, and the seductive spell of Satanism and devil-cults.

In other words, the film that has been called ”a sensationally sick, twisted and depraved doozy of a low-budget 70′s drive-in horror flick” is grindhouse movie heaven!

The so-bad-it’s-good schlock film never saw a proper theatrical release, and it seemed doomed to obscurity, even during the popular VHS era of the 1980s. But this fall, Fangoria Magazine, The Sunscreen Film Festivaland Fandomonium in Tampa Bay will give the Devil his due with a SATAN’S CHILDREN 40th Anniversary Cast & Crew Reunion Screening.

This special hometown screening will include a post-film Q&A with several original cast and crew members, including Stephen White (“Bobby Douglas”), Rosemary Orlando ( “Monica”), John Edwards (“Joshua”), John Mocsary (special make-up effects) and Bill Dudley (sound recordist).