As Night Falls (2010)

1h 18m / R / Horror

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Written and directed by local movie-maker Joe Davison, As Night Falls is a gory, terrifying nightmare. Sisters Holly (Lily Cardone) and Elizabeth (Deneen Melody) are living in a charnel house. Fifty years ago a young girl named Amelia (Grace Chapman) was brutally murdered by unseen forces. Now, Amelia’s parents have returned from their grave to enact their own strict discipline on anyone they believe is misbehaving and staying up past nightfall – they should sleep forever!

Following the screening, Davison will lead a panel discussion and audience Q&A with members of the As Night Falls cast and crew. He will also share the official trailer for Season 2 of the mega-hit Netflix series Stranger Things, in which he is featured as a recurring character.

Doors & bar open a half-hour before show time. Joe Davison would like to recognize the MUCH Foundation as his special guests. 

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