Deconstructing the Beatles: Sgt. Pepper (2017)

1h 35m / Not Rated / Documentary

Dates and Times

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is one of the foundational albums of rock & roll music. Its release in 1967 ushered in a new era of musical experimentation and performance that resonated perfectly with the tumultuous and vibrant social changes of the time. It lands near the top of every list of the greatest or most important albums of all time. But even if you’re a fan, how much do you actually know about its creation?

Musician, composer, software company CEO and Beatles expert (he taught a class about the Beatles at Yale!) Scott Freiman leads the viewer through an educational journey into the creative process of the Beatles’ performances and recording sessions, their studio innovations and the history behind their music. Lifetime listeners will come away with a fresh realization of the singular genius of the four lads from Liverpool, and even new fans might find a novel way to engage with a fulfilling but extremely complex set of songs.

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