Frankenhooker (1990)

1h 25m / R / Comedy, Horror

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With a name like that, how could we resist? Frankenhooker is pretty much exactly what it sounds like like, oddly enough: a young man with an interest in the darker corners of science brings his poor deceased fiancée back to life (reader, you should experience the cause of her death unspoiled) by assembling some pieces of prostitutes he lures back to his house and dismembers. It’s shameless, tasteless, crude, and very much a product of the we-should-have-known-better early ‘90s. Director Frank Henenlotter, ”famous” for other horror comedies like Basket Case and Brain Damage, was told after screening the movie for the MPAA ratings board, “congratulations, you’ve made the first film rated ‘S’.” He replied, “you mean ‘S’ for sex?” No, they said. “S” for… a word describing a bodily function that’s not fit to reproduce here. Use your imagination, and be prepared for Frankenhooker!

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