Paterson (2016)

1h 58m / R / Comedy Drama

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There are two Patersons starring in Jim Jarmusch’s latest modern aesthetic fantasy, Paterson: Adam Driver (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Inside Llewyn Davis) is Paterson, a bus driver who shows his wonder at every-day miracles through poetry. But he lives in and moves through Paterson, New Jersey, a city whose lonely, ghostly edifices and residents are just as much the focus as the character Driver plays.

Paterson and his wife, Laura (Goldshifteh Farahani, Rosewater), have a routine: he awakens to his Casio watch, drives his bus route, absorbs the city and the people around him, and turns his observances into poetry in his notebook. He walks his wife’s bulldog, visits the neighborhood bar, and goes home to Laura, who develops new ambitions almost daily. He supports her in her dreams. She tells him he should publish his poetry. But every life, no matter how peaceful, has challenges; how we meet those challenges determines our destiny much more than how we arrange our routines. A stark but transfixing look at a week in the life of a handful of people, Paterson directs its dramatic force at the viewer’s own idea of life. We will never be called on to save the world, but from what simple trap must we rescue ourselves?

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