Saboteur (1942)

1h 49m / Not Rated / Thriller

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Saboteur showcases the masterful Alfred Hitchcock already at the peak of his powers. Robert Cummings plays Barry Kane, a factory worker falsely accused of starting a fire at his aircraft plant, an act of sabotage that kills one of his friends. He believes he knows who really committed the crime, but his attempt to clear his name and stop the true villain will take him across the country and into constant mortal danger. Contrary to the way films were usually made at the time and not yet a distinctive trademark for this filmmaker, Saboteur was shot largely on location, and Hitchcock’s innovative use of composite shots and groundbreaking camera trickery enraptures and disorients the audience.

Doors and bar open at 2:00pm

Immediately after the film, USF film professor Harriet Deer will lead a short discussion of Saboteur and an audience Q&A. The session is included with film admission.

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