The Hero (2017)

1h 33m / R / Comedy-Drama

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Sam Elliott plays the very Sam-Elliott-like character of Lee Hayden in The Hero, the story of an aging Western actor with a smoky baritone, a bumpy personal life, and the peaks of his career in his rear-view mirror. Hayden spends what would otherwise be his twilight years bumming around Los Angeles, hanging out with his weed dealer (Nick Offerman, Parks & Recreation) and taking boring voice-over work while hoping to land just one more big part. But some sudden bad news brings some urgency into his drifting life. At the age of 71, he sets about trying to set right what remains of his time on Earth: repairing his relationship with his estranged daughter (Krysten Ritter, Jessica Jones), starting an exciting new one with a much younger woman (Laura Prepon, Orange is the New Black) and, well, still hoping to land just one more big part. Some things never change.

Director and co-writer Brett Haley created this role for Sam Elliot to play it, but it’s by no means a version of his own life: Sam Elliott is, by all accounts, happily married (Katharine Ross, his wife in real life, plays his ex in The Hero) and has had an eminently respectable career. But he plays the role of a sad, lonely performer who knows he’s really only lived up to his potential as an actor once, long ago, with a truth and closeness and comfort that makes it feel like the part he’s always deserved.

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