The Strangers (2008)

1h 26m / R / Horror

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Tampa Theatre likes to present all sorts of movies in our Nightmare on Franklin Street series. We’re showing films that are classic, films that are funny, films that are brilliant, films that are gross, films for families and every combination within. The Strangers is, primarily, terrifying. It’s violent, merciless, tense — but mostly it just sets out to scare you.

There’s a barely-concealed morality to most horror movies. Don’t watch that scary videotape, kids from The Ring; don’t let your husband make a deal with the devil for fame, Mia Farrow from Rosemary’s Baby. If you don’t want Jason to kill you, don’t go camping and have premarital sex. But in The Strangers, horrific death lands on you for no reason. It just happens. People show up to your house in creepy masks and start doing the worst imaginable things to you and your family. Being more real, it’s worse; reader, you will never have to fear Freddy Krueger. But there is horror like this in the world. Inspired by the Manson family murders, The Strangers wants you to be afraid. And you should be. And you will be.

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