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Mon, Jul.28
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Mon, Jul 28 - 7:30pm


The Grand Seduction

1hr 52m / Rated PG-13 / Comedy

The small Canadian fishing village of Tickle Head must procure a local doctor in order to secure a new factory that will bring much-needed jobs to their struggling town. When unlikely candidate and big city ...

Tue, Aug 5 - 11:30am


Balcony-To-Backstage Tour

Where does the Mighty Wurlitzer theatre organ go when the movie starts? Why are there stuffed peacocks perched around the proscenium? (And, for that matter, what is a “proscenium” anyway?) Learn the Theatre’s secrets, stories, ...

Tue, Jul 29 - 7:30pm


Life Itself

2hr / Rated R / Non-Fiction Feature

Based on his bestselling memoir of the same name, LIFE ITSELF explores the impact and legacy of Roger Ebert’s life, from his Pulitzer Prize-winning career as a film critic at the Chicago Sun-Times to becoming ...

Fri, Aug 1 - 7:30pm



2h 43m / Rated R / Drama

Marital squabbles, a divorced dad trying to connect with the kids he sporadically sees, teenagers acting out, parents learning to let go… Though Richard Linklater’s BOYHOOD may not tell the story of a spectacular life, ...

Sun, Aug 3 - 3:00pm

Summer Classics Movie Series


Dirty Dancing

1hr 40min / Rated PG-13 / Drama

Young, innocent Baby (Jennifer Grey) is vacationing with her parents in the Catskill Mountains, where she meets Johnny (Patrick Swayze), the hotel dance instructor. Captivated by him as well as his dance style, she soon ...

Sun, Aug 10 - 3:00pm

Summer Classics Movie Series


Citizen Kane

1hr 59min / Not Rated / Drama

It’s 1934: millionaire newspaper tycoon Charles Foster Kane (Orson Welles) has just passed away and a group of reporters are trying to decipher his last word ever spoken. In a series of flashbacks, the rise ...

Sat, Aug 16 - 3:00pm

Summer Classics Movie Series



1hr 42min / Rated PG / Drama

Nightclub owner Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) discovers his old flame Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) is in town with her husband, Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid). Torn between “love and virtue” and with the Germans on his tail, ...

Sat, Aug 23 - 7:00pm

featured_saxy copy


with Eric Darius, Shawn Brown, and BK Jackson Eric Darius is a contemporary jazz saxophonist and composer. A long-time Tampa resident, Darius attended Howard W. Blake High School and the University of South Florida, where he ...

Sun, Aug 24 - 3:00pm

Summer Classics Movie Series


The Black Pirate

1hr 28min / Not Rated / Silent Drama

When a pirate ship is looted by a rival crew, a survivor known as The Black Pirate (Douglas Fairbanks) washes ashore and takes over the crew that ultimately kills his father. Trouble stirs when a ...

Thu, Aug 28 - 7:30pm


“Flashback”: The 2014 Vintage Fashion Collection

Presented by Sandra Gray Originals Sandra Gray Originals presents “Flashback”: The 2014 Vintage Fashion Collection, showcasing styles reminiscent of the 1940s and 1950s. The silhouettes in the SGO line of daywear, cocktail and evening attire ...

Fri, Sep 12 - 7:00pm

Monty Python and the Holy Grape


Monty Python and the Holy Grape – Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Premium Tasting tickets are $85. The Grand Tasting tickets are $50. Winefest will kick off with a two-tiered Wine Tasting featuring many of Tampa’s most famous and flavorsome independent restaurants. Guests will have the opportunity to sample ...

Sat, Sep 13 - 6:30pm

Monty Python and the Holy Grape


Monty Python and the Holy Grape – Wine Pairing

Wine Pairing Tickets are $250 per person. The Theatre’s historic stage will be expanded to seat 200 for for the exclusive Wine Pairing at 6:30 p.m., sponsored by Bank of America. The five-course menu, created ...

Sun, Sep 14 - 11:30am

Monty Python and the Holy Grape


Monty Python and the Holy Grape – Wine Brunch

Wine Brunch Tickets are $40 per person.  If the dreaded Knights who say Ni haven’t killed you by then, WineFest tops off the weekend of revelry with a Wine Brunch at 11:30 a.m. Sunday. Food ...

Thu, Sep 18 - 6:00pm

Monty Python and the Holy Grape


Monty Python and the Holy Grape – 95 pt+ Tasting

New This Year! Tickets are $200 per person. WineFest has added a fourth element to this ever-expanding event. A select number of wine enthusiasts will have the opportunity to experience a 95 pt+ Tasting of eight exquisite wines ...