Thank you for signing up for the triumphant return of Tampa Theatre’s Summer Film Camp, presented by Film Tampa Bay in partnership with the USF Office of Youth Experiences and the Florida Center of Instructional Technology. Please carefully read and consider each of the release and authorization statements below:

Emergency Medical Treatment Release 
I acknowledge and agree that should any emergency arise, every possible effort will be made to contact me immediately. However, if I cannot be reached or should the situation warrant immediate medical attention, I authorize Tampa Theatre to arrange for treatment through EMS/911 and/or a local hospital.

Photo/Video Release 
I hereby allow Tampa Theatre to take photographs, film or video of my child to be used for Tampa Theatre public relations and archival purposes only. I also allow my child to participate in any media coverage of the summer camp (newspaper stories, TV segments, etc.).

Authorization to Share Student Movies 
I understand that movies created by or featuring my child will be posted on the Internet, including (but not limited to) a YouTube account controlled by Tampa Theatre for purposes of archiving, and may be featured on the Tampa Theatre Film Camp webpage. A link to download the movies created by or featuring my child will also be given to all other campers who attend during the same week.

Content Authorization 
At camp, we will talk about and show examples of techniques from many different movies and TV shows. Every family makes different choices about what is and what is not appropriate content for children at different ages. The example movie clips that we watch at camp and the discussions that we have will always be appropriate for young audiences. However, discussing a technique used in a film does not imply that the entire film is appropriate for your child and watching a movie clip does not mean we recommend the entire movie for your family. For guidance, Common Sense Media provides families with a wealth of information about the content of movies, TV shows, video games, and websites.

Authorization to Retain Camper Information (Optional)
I approve Tampa Theatre and USF’s Film Camp program to store information about my child on secured and password-protected servers, including but not limited to my child’s years of previous film camp experience, examples of previous completed work, and notes from instructors. I recognize that this information will be used to create a customized camp experience for my child. I acknowledge that this stored information will be deleted once my child has aged out of camp eligibility or can be deleted earlier at my request.