Babes (2024)

1h 44m / R / Comedy

There are many rituals in Dawn (Michelle Buteau) and Eden’s (Ilana Glazer) decades-long friendship, but the most important one happens on Thanksgiving morning. Every year on that day, the two meet to watch a movie. Any cinema, any location. Nothing can stand in the way of them making time for each other. For the most recent Thanksgiving, Dawn and Eden meet on the Upper West Side for a 9 a.m. show. Dawn, pregnant with her second child, recently moved to the neighborhood with her husband Marty (Hasan Minhaj) and their toddler. Eden, aggressively single, still lives in Astoria, the Queens neighborhood she and Dawn grew up in.

And then Dawn goes into labor.

Premiering at SXSW, Pamela Adlon’s directorial debut Babes is a fierce, loving portrait of female friendship wrapped in a raunchy, Bridesmaids-y mom-comedy.  It plays with the same conceptual space as Glazer’s Broad City, while sneaking in a radical notion of parenthood in America, making a case for shaping one’s life around friendship and found family in these unstable times.


This screening is held in the Historic Duncan Auditorium. This space utilizes open seating for this event; seat selection is not required.