Ed Wood (1994)

2h 7m / R / Comedy

A profile of the prolific schlock director, Ed Wood has Tim Burton stepping outside of his usual comfort zone, while still managing to be a heartwrencher about a loveable, misunderstood loner and the found family he collects and inspires along the way. Still: who would make a biopic about Ed Wood? Nobody liked his movies (for example, the often-mocked Plan 9 From Outer Space), but even worse, nobody respected him.

But Burton turned out a sincere, compassionate and funny look at a creative person compelled by his own unique vision to make what he was able to make, whether other people got it or not. Ed Wood is a sweet, weird man, and nobody on earth tells the stories of the sweet and weird better than Tim Burton. Martin Landau as an elderly Bela Lugosi is a particular delight.

The “A Nightmare on Franklin Street” series is presented by 13 Ugly Men.