Grand Hampton Season Premiere (2022)

45m / NR / Supernatural Thriller

Join Tampa Theatre and local artist and filmmaker Antony Capers as we debut the newest episode of his supernatural YouTube serial Grand Hampton.

The series takes place in an upscale Tampa neighborhood that, the viewer soon discovers, was built by the “CONNECTED” solely for the purpose of housing citizens within the government witness protection program. The community has been experiencing some very odd occurrences, and – even more alarming – extraterrestrial beings have been seen roaming the streets. While an ever-increasing number of questions emerge and more and more of the neighborhood children go missing, one has to wonder if anyone is safe and what the true motives are behind this neighborhood built to protect its residents?

What started as a pandemic project with his family and neighbors in their New Tampa neighborhood has grown into a multi-year endeavor with a loyal cult following. Beginning with Season 3, the series will branch out to discover the stories of Grand Hamptons many residents. Episode 1, Supra Vita, was filmed in part at Tampa Theatre and will premiere on the big screen at 7:30pm.

After the screening, Grand Hampton creator Antony Capers and members of his cast will discuss the project and answer audience questions.

Admission for this FREE community event is first-come, first-served.