I’m Your Man (2021)

1h 45m / R / Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi

Inspired by a short story by Emma Braslavsky, I’m Your Man is a cool and clever sci-fi love story about Alma, a prickly scientist (Maren Eggert, Die Frau am Ende der Straße) who, in order to secure funding for her work, agrees to participate in an extraordinary experiment. For three weeks, she is to live with a humanoid robot (Dan Stevens, Downton Abbey) that has been created and programmed specifically to make her happy.  

Alighting on weighty questions with disarming playfulness, the script (by the director, Maria Schrader, and Jan Schomburg) never overreaches. Alma is lonely, but not desperate; brisk, but not unromantic. She sees poetry in the ancient texts she’s studying. So when she’s asked to test-run a synthetic soul mate in exchange for a donation to the museum where she works, her willingness to agree feels coherent with her character but also the move of a person who is seeking a new richness in her life. Gentle, curious and funny, I’m Your Man has a lot to say about the future of human relationships. 

German w. English subtitles