In A Different Key (2020)

1h 42m / Not Rated / Documentary

This is a FREE Community Screening. RSVP is required by clicking the show time.

How can a community make a difference in the lives of people with autism? The award-winning documentary A Different Key examines this question. It explores the life of Donald Triplett, the first person diagnosed as autistic, and how his rural Mississippi community embraced him—and his differences—thereby allowing him to live a long and happy life.

Based on the Pulitzer-nominated book of the same name, the film is produced by Caren Zucker, a Peabody-award-winning television news producer and 25-year ABC News journalist; and John Donvan, an Emmy-Award-winning correspondent for ABC. In the film, Zucker shares her own experience in finding a suitable community for her adult son, Mikey, who is diagnosed with autism. The film examines the best and the worst of what community can mean to persons with autism, but ends on a hopeful note that we can all do more to help those who are “different.”

This FREE community screening is presented by A-Town Community Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2021 to develop a supported residential community for adults with autism in the Tampa Bay area. By screening this film in our beautiful city, we hope to bring awareness of the need for suitable housing for those with autism. But more importantly, we want to inspire our community to embrace autistic people as neighbors and welcome them as part of a better COMMUNITY.

A brief panel discussion after the film will bring together different voices from the community, including parents, government representatives, and others to answer questions, including those about A-Town’s plans for the future.

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