La casa del fin de los tiempos (2013)

1h 41m / NR / Thriller

Dulce (Ruddy Rodriguez), a mother dedicated to her children, experiences terrifying and violent supernatural encounters in her house. As she starts to lose the grip on her sanity, her marriage deteriorates too, while the inexplicable and bizarre events in her surroundings become more intense and disturbing. Her husband is found stabbed to death in the cellar, and her older son mysteriously disappears into thin air. Found guilty of both crimes, she spends thirty years in prison before being released to house arrest for the remainder of her sentence. But when the odd, sinister twists of her life begin to haunt her again, they slowly reveal the terrible history of her house and its strange connection to the flow of time.

The highest-grossing horror film in the history of Venezuela and an official selection of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, La casa del fin de los tiempos is a powerful vision of fear in the vein of The Conjuring and The Others, and its shocking twist will stay with you for just as long.

Presented in Spanish w. English subtitles

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