Miss Juneteenth (2020)

1h 43m / Not Rated / Drama


This is an arthouse theatrical exclusive, not available on other streaming platforms. 

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Turquoise Jones (Nicole Beharie) is a single mom who holds down a household, a rebellious teenager, and pretty much everything that goes down at Wayman’s BBQ & Lounge. Turquoise is also a bona fide beauty queen—she was once crowned Miss Juneteenth, a title commemorating the day slaves in Texas were freed two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Life didn’t turn out as beautifully as the title promised, but Turquoise, determined to right her wrongs, is cultivating her daughter, Kai (newcomer Alexis Chikaeze), to become Miss Juneteenth, even if Kai wants something else.

“As a girl growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, I marveled at the annual Miss Juneteenth winner gliding across the stage with hope on her face,” says writer/director Channing Godfrey Peoples. “I was fascinated by pageant glamour, before I understood the historical significance of the pageant and its purpose of instilling pride and self-worth in the ladies who were crowned its winner. Its contestants were young, hopeful African-American women vying for a full college scholarship. The backdrop of this story is the salt of the earth people that I grew up with in Fort Worth, Texas. The world is timeless. The people are working class and tight knit. They work during the week and party for the weekend. They take pride in their country flair and cowboy culture.

“I want Miss Juneteenth to contribute to more diverse representations of African-American women on screen. Through exploring issues unique to black women and our identity and culture, my hope is the film will be a universal story about the resilience of the human condition.”



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