My Bloody Valentine (1981)

1h 30m / R / Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Nowadays, movies named after holidays tend to be elaborate productions of loosely-connected vignettes with expensive ensemble casts, frequently directed by Garry Marshall. No shade; you like what you like. But a couple decades ago, if you went to a movie with a major holiday in the name, it’s a pretty good bet that it was a slasher movie. Viz Black Christmas, Halloween, Friday the 13th and this delightful piece of early stalker-menace cinema, My Bloody Valentine.

Set in a mine which is set in a town called Valentine Bluffs, the holiday premise is frankly kind of thin. But the movie pays off in spite of itself; it’s a joyously violent parade of unique deaths with a fantastically deranged killer and a beautifully packaged disembodied heart. Love hurts, and various additional contra-Cupid wordplay. Look, you either want to watch teenagers get pickaxed on Valentine’s Day or not, and Tampa Theatre & REWIND are happy to give you that option.