Slotherhouse (2023)

1h 33m / PG-13 / Comedy, Horror

Sloths: they’re having a moment! A few years ago it was llamas, then trash pandas had time in the sun. And now our slow, sickle-clawed jungle friends are everywhere you look. And usually that’s great — they’re cute and peaceful and their faces already look like they’re smiling. But here’s a thought experiment: what if they were vicious killers?

Slotherhouse centers on Sigma Lambda Theta sorority sister Emily (Lisa Ambalavanar), who is tired of living under the rule of her wealthy, social media influencer house president Brianna (Sydney Craven) and is considering running against her in the new election. Problem is, Emily is substantially less popular than Brianna is. But after a chance encounter with a guy called O Exotic (Stefan Kapicic), Emily thinks she has found a way to gain popularity, because O Exotic is offering to sell her an adorable three-toed sloth. Emily takes the deal, wins a vote to make the sloth the house mascot, and announces her candidacy. You can imagine where it goes from there.

Here’s the secret thing about Slotherhouse, though. It’s more than a funny premise and a genius title. It’s really good. It’s a solid campus-life spoof on its own, blended with a hilarious creature-feature that knows exactly what it’s doing. Maybe it ain’t Jaws, but it’s not Piranha 3DD either.

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