Talk to Me (2022)

1h 35m / R / Possession

The newest “kids summon the darndest things” offering from A24, Talk to Me is the feature debut from brothers and YouTube sensations Danny and Michael Philippou. It’s a horror time capsule, referencing material from Ju-On and The Evil Dead to Get Out and actual, historical artifacts like the Hand of Glory. But it’s also just a good, old-fashioned possession movie.

A group of friends find a strange, seemingly ceramic hand with terrible powers. Holding the hand and saying “talk to me” lets them commune with a spirit — then saying “I let you in” allows the spirit to take over their body. The connection must be severed in less than 90 seconds or … well, these sorts of things always have rules, don’t they. Mia (Sophie Wilde), still struggling with the loss of her mother two years ago, finds that the experience of communion makes her feel ecstatic, renewed. And that leads to her breaking the time limit. And that leads to terrible consequences indeed. Zoomers, how many times do we have to tell you? Don’t call up that which you can’t put down.

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