The Invisible Class (2019)

1h 30m / Not Rated / Documentary


You will be notified of the new dates once confirmed. Tickets to the original performance will be honored for the rescheduled show. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled date, refunds will be issued. 


You have mental images of those most immediately recognizable as homeless: digging through garbage to find food, visibly mental ill, or panhandling by the freeway onramp. They are statistically categorized as the “Chronic Homeless,” representing less than 20 percent of the overall homeless population. Who makes up the other 80 percent? What are their stories? What has led them as individuals, and us as a society, to this point?

The Invisible Class confronts the often inaccurate stereotypes of homelessness in America. When one takes a clear and honest look at homelessness in America, the reality is radically different from common public assumptions.

The structure of the documentary is a “Day in the Life” of the American homeless. Though the film has been shot from coast to coast over the course of eight years the footage covers 6:00 am on one unremarkable day to 6:00 am the next, inviting viewers to experience the multi-faceted reality of the homeless, the volunteers working in direct outreach to them, and the advocacy organizations lobbying on their behalf.

Following the screening, Blanket Tampa Bay will sponsor a panel discussion and audience Q&A with:

  • Thomas Brown – Tampa Homeless Outreach
  • Dan McDonald – Tampa Police Department
  • Susan Jacobs – Wheels of Success

This screening is sponsored by Blanket Tampa Bay, which is dedicated to serving the homeless by providing everyday needs with compassion & dignity. Each and every year, they distribute more than 5,000 blankets and thousands of hygiene items in the community, involving people of every age, interest and need. To learn more, visit