The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

1h 41m / R / Sci-Fi, Musical

Special LIVE pre-show with Barry Bostwick!

Does The Rocky Horror Picture Show need any introduction? It’s a cultural artifact with unlimited lifespan — it creates new audiences for itself each screening, and will most likely continue to be shown in theatres until the end of linear time. The plot almost doesn’t matter (but here it is in brief anyway: an engaged couple get lost and wander to a nearby castle where they are captured, kind of, by a Transylvanian doctor in lingerie and his entourage who are attempting to create a life form but are actually in some cases space aliens – it’s complicated); all that matters is the experience of seeing it and the thrill of seeing a bunch of performers totally off the leash. Of course the people on screen aren’t the only performers anymore, either. The audience owns the movie now. They sing along, dress in costume, go through lines, and act alongside the film as it plays. And if you’re a “virgin”, as first-timers are known, this is a perfect opportunity to learn what you’ve been missing all these years.

So to return to that original question: Does The Rocky Horror Picture Show need any introduction? Clearly not. But Tampa Theatre is going to give it one anyway, delivered LIVE on the Theatre’s historic stage by none other than Brad himself, Barry Bostwick, who will talk about his experience making RHPS and welcome all of the Rocky virgins personally! (Janet’s first time wasn’t with Brad… but yours could be!)

Tickets are $26.00 at the Box Office ($28.75 online, including fees) and will go on sale at 10:00am Friday the 13th. A limited number of VIP Meet & Greet tickets will also be available in advance for $101.00 at the Box Office and $107.00 online, which include early admission to the show, a photo-op with Barry Bostwick (please bring your own camera), and the opportunity to have one personal item autographed.

Guests are encouraged to bring their own toilet paper, cards, newspapers, toast and other props – but out of respect for the historic landmark, no hot dogs, rice or water guns. New to the Rocky Horror experience? For a great audience-participation guide, visit (NSFW! Contains adult language and content.)

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