Private Ghost Tours

Who was the man in seat 308? Where did Robert Lanier tear his final ticket? Why does Fink Finley continue to roam the balcony? And what has led to Tampa Theatre being known as one of the most haunted buildings in town? The Ghosts of Tampa Theatre Tour is a 75-minute walking tour that covers all three levels of the building, sharing stories and evidence of the historic movie palace’s ghostly guests, preternatural patrons and eternal employees.

This year, these popular tours will be available by appointment only for your private family, coven, quarantine circle, or horde of 10-20 souls. 

Tours will be available Oct. 1-30, pending availability of the building and the guide. (Please remember: haunted buildings are haunted all the time, not just at night! Don’t be afraid to book your experience during the day, as there will be far more daytime and weekday time slots available than evenings and weekends.)

Tickets are $25 per person (minimum 10), and masks are required for entry and participation. To book your private Ghosts of Tampa Theatre Tour, contact Jill Witecki at

P.S.… Please ignore the showtimes at right. We have to put something in there to make this show up on our home page! Tours will be offered through Oct. 30, with day and evening spots available. – TT Team