Summer Classics

A Fish Called Wanda

Sunday, July 15

It’s one of those ironclad laws of filmmaking that if a dramatic movie is to succeed, it must present its characters in a sympathetic and kind way, no matter how vile they may be. As

Summer Classics

Safety Last!

Sunday, July 22

The image of silent-film comedy genius Harold Lloyd hanging from a skyscraper by the hands of a giant clock remains one of the most iconic single images of American cinema. The story of a small-town

Summer Classics

Sing-Along Mary Poppins

TWO SHOWS, July 28-29

Walt Disney, on the advice of his daughters, tried for more than two decades to turn Mary Poppins into a movie. But P.L. Travers, author of the popular kids’ books series that originated our favorite

Summer Classics


Sunday, August 5

Alfred Hitchcock had an eye for spectacle. Everybody can remember one thing about each of his movies, whether they’ve seen them or not: the crop duster in North by Northwest, the shower scene in Psycho,

Summer Classics

The Manchurian Candidate

Sunday, August 12

History has kind of lost sight of the fact that Frank Sinatra was a well-regarded actor. Even ignoring his musicals, Ol’ Blue Eyes put together a pretty solid filmography – he won Best Supporting Actor

Summer Classics

Blazing Saddles

Sunday, August 19

Roger Ebert told the story of getting onto an elevator with director Mel Brooks, just after the release of his film The Producers. “A woman got onto the elevator,” Ebert said, “recognized him and said,

Summer Classics

The Wizard of Oz

Sunday, August 26

The Wizard of Oz has permeated popular culture to such an extent that, even if they haven’t seen it themselves, most people know it almost by heart. It’s certainly true that they don’t make them

Summer Classics


Sunday, September 2

Casablanca lands so routinely in listings of the top two or three movies of all time, it’s become almost boring to call it great. It’s the definition of a Hollywood masterpiece. The scenes and the