Leo Skepi


A show brought to you by Leo Skepi, host of the groundbreaking podcast Aware & Aggravated to unleash the confidence that lives inside you. The power and confidence he exudes is felt by millions through their screens. For the first time ever you’re invited to experience this energy in person and be taught by Leo himself exactly how to harness, and tap into it.

At this live uncensored show Leo will break down confidence from multiple angles and deconstruct some of the biggest misconceptions on the topic. His confident way of being is something that can easily be integrated once understood. Leo will instill a new mindset into you that will ultimately transform the way you feel about yourself, and how you show up in the world. He will also be answering all of your crucial questions with an unfiltered Q&A so there is absolutely no confusion. You will leave with complete certainty, and that’s where the confidence only begins.

Tickets range from $35-$55 plus applicable taxes and fees ($42.50-$64 total at the Box Office & $46.25-$68.75 total online). A limited number of VIP Packages will also be available in advance for $75-$125 plus applicable fees and taxes ($85.50-$139.25 total at the Box Office & $91-$147 total online). The VIP Meet & Greet Package include one excellent seat location in the first five rows, lanyard, meet & greet with Leo Skepi, photo op., and early entry merch shopping before doors. The VIP Premium Seat Package includes one excellent seat location, lanyard, and early entry merch shopping before doors.