Tampa Theatre is always looking for new ways to entertain, educate and enlighten our audiences. And now more than ever, families are looking for fun and innovative ways to spend time together, learn a little and laugh a lot! 

Tampa Theatre Movie School is a new “edu-tainment” initiative designed for parents with kids of all ages to use movies as the basis for guided research, art, dramatic play and discussion-based learning. Just pick a film to stream off the list of suggestions, then check out the project guide to help build an educational experience around it!

Movie Suggestions

Whether you’re looking for a feel-good comedy, a fantastical journey, a family-friendly fright, an action-packed adventure, or an uplifting story of teamwork and friendship, these movie suggestions for all ages are available to stream on many common platforms like YouTube or Google Play, or are included with subscription services like Netflix or Disney+.

Project Guide

Before you watch your favorite movie from the list above, click through our Tampa Theatre Movie School Project Guide for great ideas from local classroom teachers on how to turn your viewing experience into an opportunity to work with your kids on a variety of fun, film-based activities.

Tampa Theatre Movie School is sponsored in part by the DeBartolo Family Foundation.