Questions to ponder BEFORE the film that you can research together:

  • Who is the director of this film and what else has (s)he done?
  • What actors are in the movie and what other movies have they been in?
  • (If it is an animation) Who does the voices for these characters?
  • What is the location of this movie?
  • What can we predict about the movie based on the pictures, description, and trailer?
  • What type of movie is it? (Action, suspense, fantasy etc.) and what are some adjectives for that genre?

Questions and talking prompts to discuss AFTER the film:

(based on the Florida State Standards)

  • What are the character’s traits, motivations and feelings?
  • How do the character’s actions and decisions affect the series of events in the film?
  • How do the characters respond to challenges?
  • How does the plot unfold?
  • What is the theme or central idea?
  • Is there a lesson or a moral to be learned?
  • What are the different points of view of each character?

Art and Design Projects for in-home movie nights:

  • Create personalized tickets to the show complete with a ticket taker and box office “employee.
    CLICK HERE for a printable ticket template!
  • Make “RESERVED” signs with name plates for everyone’s designated spot.
  • Have the children create the movie title on chalkboard/whiteboard “Marquee.”
  • Create a spread with popcorn, candy and your favorite snacks. Give them creative titles based on the movie you are watching. (ex: “Sweep the Leg Sweet Tarts” or “Dr. Wayne Szalinski’s Oatmeal Cream Pies”)
    CLICK HERE for a printable popcorn box to color!
  • Create a Red Carpet entrance into your home “theatre.”
  • Design your own poster for the film.
  • Draw a photo of your favorite character or favorite scene from the movie.
  • What other taglines can you come up with for the film?
  • What social media hashtags could you create for this film if you were to promote it?

This is also a really good time to teach your children movie etiquette:

  • No phones or electronics
  • Be aware of loud chewing or opening up noisy wrappers
  • Sitting still and quiet
  • Less talking