Late Night, Lights Off Paranormal Investigation

Who was the man in seat 308? Where did Robert Lanier tear his final ticket? Why does Fink Finley continue to roam the balcony? And what has led to Tampa Theatre being known as one of the most haunted buildings in town? The three-hour Late-Night, Lights-Off Paranormal Investigation experience begins with a “balcony to backstage” tour that will introduce guests to six of the historic movie palace’s most active preternatural patrons and eternal employees.

Then, go beyond the stories and spend some time exploring Tampa Theatre’s supernatural claims for yourself! Guests will have the exclusive opportunity to review previously collected video, photo and audio evidence of Tampa Theatre’s spirit activity, experiment with professional-grade equipment provided by GhostStop, and investigate alongside the experienced researchers from Genesis Paranormal Services.

Tickets are $50 ($40 for Tampa Theatre Members). Admission is limited to 40 participants each night. This event tends to sell out quickly, so please get your tickets in advance!

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